Upland Hunting Gear

Make your next upland bird hunting expedition more enjoyable with the right gear and clothing. Basic upland bird hunting gear includes the essentials you need to get the job done, like comfortable boots, a vest, and a firearm, but a few added pieces can improve your experience. Upland hunting pants, shirts, jackets, pants, and other articles of clothing made in breathable cotton canvas or moisture-wicking polyester feel comfortable and can hold up over long days in the field. Choose upland hunting clothing for the upper body in beige or tan material with pops of orange to keep you hidden from your quarry, but visible to other hunters at eye level. Upland hunting boots with rugged soles get you over rough terrain, mud, and debris with ease; opt for boots with breathable, waterproof uppers to keep your feet dry and warm. An upland hunting vest is an essential piece of gear that every hunter needs. Not only are there pockets everywhere for your accessories and orange accents for visibility, but an upland hunting vest includes a lined back pouch to carry your prize home. Keep yourself safe and enjoy the simplicity of upland hunting with clothing and gear from top brands Avery Outdoors, McAlister, Browning, and Banded. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you carry in an upland vest?

Since you’ll be on the go and won’t get back to your base, campsite, or truck anytime soon, carry important items in your upland vest that you’ll need over the next several hours. Upland hunting vests have plenty of pockets, so the important things to carry include your hunting license, water bottles, snacks, a compass, ammunition, and car keys. Upland hunting vests also include a back pouch or bag where you can carry your game.  

Do you need camo for upland hunting?

You do not need to wear camo for upland hunting. Clothing and gear in earthy tones and hues of muted green, tan, and brown, are great for hunting pheasant, quail, and other upland birds. Add a piece of bright orange for visibility, such as a vest or hat, and you’re ready to go.  

What choke to use for upland hunting? 

The best choke to use for upland hunting depends on your quarry and distance. A modified choke is a good overall option that can be used with dove, pheasant, sharptail grouse, and partridge between 20 and 35 yards. Opt for a full choke for pheasant, grouse, and bigger upland birds at a distance between 30 and 45 yards. 

What are the best upland hunting boots?

The best upland hunting boots are lightweight and comfortable enough to walk miles across fields and forests and supportive enough to keep you upright through it all. Breathable boot materials will let sweat evaporate before it soaks your socks and makes feet clammy. Look for waterproof boots with a thick tread and lug that works with the terrain you’re trekking and choose an insulated boot if you’re upland hunting in cold weather.