Shirts / Other Tops

Choose hunting shirts as part of a layering system that combines high-performance mid-layers for warmth and comfort. Find a variety of sleeve lengths, camo patterns, colors, and thicknesses to meet what the conditions demand. Moisture-wicking is a must for any season because nothing chills you faster than feeling damp, and overheating can end a field walk fast. For upland hunting, shirts in blaze orange help you meet local safety requirements and the long sleeves protect you against tall grasses, bugs, and moderate winds. Cooling, breathable dove hunting shirts are best for warm weather and they fit easily under an ammo vest so you can leave the other layers at home. Not only do long sleeve hunting shirts protect you from scrapes and snags, but UPF-rated fabrics prevent sunburn during preseason scouting too. Turkey hunting shirts keep you concealed amongst the trees and the handy chest pockets store calls and ammo within reach. Of course, men’s hunting shirts aren’t only for the field. Sport your favorite brand whether you’re walking into the local diner or out into the brush.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What material shirt should I get for duck hunting?

The best material for a duck hunting shirt is polyester because it is lightweight and breathable so you won’t get too warm when wearing layers, plus it is easy to care for. Most waterfowl shirts also include mesh panels on the sides, back, or front to prevent dampness and keep you dry in any conditions.

Should hunting shirts be camouflaged?

Duck, turkey, and dove hunting shirts should be camouflaged to keep you hidden from fowl as they set their wings or strut into range, but upland hunting shirts do not benefit from camouflage coloring. Some states also have safety requirements that mandate blaze orange hunting shirts to be worn in fields and woods.