Jackets and Pullovers

Explore hunting jackets suited for any activity level and weather condition to find what’s most comfortable so you can stay out until you get your limit. Modern men’s hunting jackets are designed to be windproof, waterproof, and warm, without adding bulk so you can move freely setting decoys, hiking through woodlands, and mounting your gun. 

Unless you are relying on your blind for complete coverage or walking fields for upland birds, a camo hunting jacket is a must. But, the weather and season ultimately determine what the best hunting jacket style is for you. Long days in the field or blind call for waterfowl jackets with layers so you can easily shed or add warmth. Duck-hunting pullovers with features like hand-warmer pockets and adjustable hoods are ideal for late-season hunters who want to battle the cold without overdressing. If you’re wading, a duck hunting jacket with a shorter hem won’t get soaked in the water, keeping your upper body dry. Those who pack up when it rains won’t need a fully waterproof getup, so a fleece or soft-shell jacket is a good choice. The quieter material and heavier insulation are especially helpful if you’re posting. The endless combinations of camo patterns and high-performance features make sure you’ll find the right hunting jacket for any game you go after.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best material for a hunting jacket?

Depending on the weather, the best materials for hunting jackets are fleece, wool, and breathable, weatherproof fabrics, like Gore-Tex. Layering an insulated waterfowl pullover with a waterproof shell provides versatile coverage for many conditions.

What camo pattern is best for a duck hunting jacket?

Marsh and waterfowl patterns are best for duck hunting jackets because they blend into the vegetation and ground cover to keep you hidden from migratory birds until it’s time to stand up and shoot. Wearing camouflage hunting clothing, including waterfowl jackets and waders, and using a brush blind or a concealed layout boat can help you disappear into the landscape to make your outings more successful.

Should duck hunting jackets be waterproof?

Yes, the outer layer of your duck hunting jacket should be waterproof so you aren’t drenched from rain or sleet before you even mount your gun. The best conditions for duck hunting are cool and wet so you’ll want a waterfowl pullover or jacket that resists wind and water to keep you comfortable and dry until you run out of daylight.