Hunting Outerwear

The best hunting outerwear is comfortable and functional, and camouflages you in plain sight from upland birds, waterfowl, and game. If your pullover jacket or camo bibs aren’t cutting it and you’re calling it early before you even shoot your limit, it’s time to upgrade your duck-hunting outerwear. Getting high-quality gear is a worthwhile move, no matter which game you’re after. Scent control, tried-and-true camouflage patterns, plus quiet, rustle-free fabrics put you in stealth mode on every outing. Hunting outerwear brands use the latest technology to keep you warm without unnecessary bulk, and most performance shirts are designed by hunters so you can trust every layer is practical. Today’s men’s hunting outerwear includes utility pants that stretch and flex in all the right places and jackets that don’t impede you from raising your gun. The warmest hunting outerwear has features to keep you dry, sweat-free, and protected, even in the coldest weather. When it’s time to hit the field or blind, count on your outerwear to help you outwit doves, turkeys, deer, or ducks. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best outer layer for hunting?

The best outer layer for hunting is one that is water-resistant and protective against wind and rain. These features will keep your base layers dry so you stay warm and comfortable. Select a hunting jacket that has a breathable shell, and pair it with bibs over a pair of lightweight hunting pants.

What fabrics should I choose for hunting outerwear?

Good choices for outerwear are insulating fleece fabrics, which keep you warm, and polyester outer shell fabrics, which help break the wind and repel rain and sleet. But, not every outing requires gear rated for extreme conditions. In moderate weather, performance hoodies or microfiber or lightweight fleece layers can provide an adequate outer layer for hunting.