Neck Gaiters

Protect yourself from the elements with an easy-to-layer, comfortable hunting neck gaiter in a waterfowl or upland camouflage pattern, or in hunter orange. The best hunting neck gaiter for you depends on your personal preferences. Cold-weather hunters typically choose insulated, contoured gaiters while those in warmer conditions appreciate gaiters made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. It’s hard to hit your target when your teeth are chattering or bugs are biting. A hunting camo neck gaiter is a simple solution to keep you comfortable and conceal your location so you’re focused and ready to strike any time. Whether you choose a warming fleece or a lightweight hunting neck gaiter, this essential accessory takes up little space in your supplies but brings a powerhouse of protection against wind, sun, and cold. Add a hunter orange neck gaiter to your deer hunting pack and complete your waterfowl blind bag with a duck hunting neck gaiter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the warmest neck gaiter for hunting?

Fleece neck gaiters are the warmest style to wear for hunting because the thicker lining adds an extra layer of protection against wind and cold temperatures. Look for a contoured, slightly relaxed-fitting neck gaiter to achieve full coverage for maximum warmth.