Hunting Headwear

Hunting headwear comes in various forms from beanies to ball caps. What you choose to wear on your head and around your face while you hunt depends on the weather conditions and your personal preference. A ball-cap-style hunting hat is the most common type of headwear worn by hunters on land and water. Most of these hunting hats are rugged enough to survive through rigorous adventures, and many come in effective camo colors that blend in with the background. Cold weather hunting headwear calls for fleece and insulated beanies that keep body heat from escaping through the head. Aside from the classic design, hunting beanies come in styles ranging from skull cap to deep cut. Duck hunting headwear includes facemasks and neck gaiters that keep your skin from showing as you sit and wait for feathered fliers to arrive. Both facemasks and neck gaiters protect the most sensitive areas of head and keep you comfortable in cold weather. Whichever style you choose, make sure you go with camo hunting headwear that keeps you hidden from the sharp eyes of your game. Find success in the woods or on the water with hunting headwear that protects you from the neck up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I wear on my head when hunting waterfowl on a cold day?

When hunting waterfowl on a cold weather day, choose headwear that insulates both the head and the neck. A fleece beanie, facemask, or neck gaiter will cover these sensitive areas, cut the wind, and keep you warm. And be sure to choose camo hunting headwear to stay out of sight.