Hunting Clothing

Believe it or not, the right clothing can make a big difference in your day when hunting ducks and other waterfowl. Your two basic goals when hunting waterfowl are to stay comfortable and keep hidden, and there are plenty of clothes that do both. Staying warm means staying dry, and men's hunting clothes with waterproof capabilities offer protection as you trudge through swamps, rivers, and wet locations. Moisture-wicking fabrics move sweat away from your skin to keep you cool when the heat is on, while waterfowl hunting clothes with built-in stretch move with you without hitching and binding so you can concentrate on your target instead of your waistband. Solid neutral-colored apparel on every layer is essential to keep wary eyes from locking in on your position and fleeing, but camo is the best waterfowl clothing. Mimicry camo clothing is designed to resemble the natural weeds, reeds, cattails, and grasses found in a swamp or marsh where waterfowl hunting is common. Brown, khaki, and forest green duck hunting clothes with nature print will easily blend in with the surroundings so the only one who knows you’re there is you. Make your duck and waterfowl hunting trips more successful when you invest in comfortable, water-resistant camo clothing including socks, pants, shirts, jackets, and hats. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you wear to waterfowl hunting?

Waterproof apparel is essential for waterfowl hunting success. Waders, a waterproof jacket, pants, and gloves will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Dress in layers so you can add or remove to keep up with temperature fluctuations. Avoid hunting clothes with exposed metal zippers, buttons, and other reflective surfaces that can cause a glare. And choose camo waterfowl hunting clothes in neutral hues or with nature prints that blend in with the area. 

Pro tip: Pack a full set of dry clothes to change into when the day is done.  

Can you wear jeans duck hunting?

Waterproof camo pants and waders are the best clothing to wear when duck hunting. You want to stay warm and dry in the wild, and jeans are not built for that job. Jeans are made in cotton denim that traps and holds in moisture, so if you get them wet, it could take all day for them to dry. 

Does camo matter for waterfowl?

Yes, camo matters when hunting waterfowl. Ducks and geese have great eyesight, so head-to-toe camo is the best clothing for hunting waterfowl; that includes gloves on your hands, a hat on your head, and a mask or paint on your face since your head will stick up out of the blind. Mimicry camo waterfowl apparel is designed with prints and images found in the natural waterfowl hunting setting to help you blend in seamlessly. 

What color of camo is best for duck hunting?

The best camo color for duck hunting clothing is neutral khaki, tan, or brown with patterns and designs that resemble the grass and reeds found in swamps and marshes. When you scope out your hunting area before the hunt, pay attention to the surroundings and choose camo clothes from head to toe that fit the setting.