RNT Limited Edition Calls

RNT Limited Edition calls are unique duck calls designed in colors, patterns, and shapes that stand out from regular types. As solid in quality and effectiveness as a standard RNT call, these limited edition models give you a way to express yourself with designs that are as unique as you. RNT Small Batch calls are even more unusual, designed, hand-drawn, and constructed in-house and made in batches of fewer than 25. Some RNT Small Batch calls are constructed in materials not often associated with game calls, such as 24k gold, or crafted in exclusive designs such as beer cans. Level up your next hunting trip with an RNT Limited Edition Call in a bold design that shows your true colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are RNT Limited Edition calls?

RNT Limited Edition Calls are specially designed and certified game calls. Limited edition calls are made with unique patterns and engravings, such as video game scenes, pop culture characters, sports teams, and holiday themes, to give you a customized feel. RNT Limited Edition calls are capped at 50 manufactured per batch and are not restocked when sold out. Limited edition inserts are included with each call. 

Are RNT Limited Edition calls better than regular calls?

RNT Limited Edition calls are not necessarily better than regular RNT game calls in terms of quality or function. Limited Edition calls are created in small batches and have a different look and feel than the straightforward styles, which give hunters a custom look they appreciate.   

What species calls can I get in RNT Limited Edition?

RNT Limited Edition calls are created for a variety of duck species from drakes to hens, in the woods or on the water.