Game Calls

A game call can make a big difference in your hunting experience. Designed to mimic the sound of the animal you’re hunting, a game call draws in your target so you can get a better shot. Between the sounds, vocalizations, and noises available, game call styles and options are endless. Mouth calls work by exhaling through the mouthpiece to vibrate a piece of stretched latex, creating a specific game sound. Preferred by experienced hunters, the sound of a mouth call can change based on the way you exhale and the amount of pressure you exert. Reed calls are similar, but work by blowing through a tube and vibrating a reed to create the sound; these are the best game calls for duck, geese, and waterfowl. Electronic game calls contain a wide assortment of preloaded sounds and vocalizations and have a speaker with a remote that lets the hunter control it from their hunting blind or position. Slate and box styles use friction to make appealing noises and work the best for calling turkeys. Mouth and reed calls come in various colors and patterns from bright shades to camouflage so you can choose the style that’s either easy to find or blends in with the surroundings. Whether you’re hunting a Tom or drawing in Canada geese, use a game call to bring your target right where you want it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose a game call?

First and foremost, choose a game call that is specific to the animal that you are hunting such as a mallard duck, snow goose, Tom turkey, or another bird or animal. Then, choose the style of game call you prefer, either mouth, electronic, reed, or another type. From there, pick a game call with your preferred colors, patterns, and features.