The right clothing makes a big difference in your fishing experience; t-shirts, pants, and hats should fit well, feel comfortable, and offer protection from the elements. Long-sleeve fishing shirts are just right on cool mornings or evenings when casting times are good, and they make a great base layer under jackets, pullovers, and top-layer fishing clothing. Fishing t-shirts and long-sleeves built for performance are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial to keep you dry and fresh, and some shirts even include UV protection. Fishing shirts with UV protection built into the material can help protect you from burning on days when you forget to apply sunscreen. And men's fishing clothing in camo patterns and colors helps you blend in wherever you are, from the shoreline on the ocean to the treeline on the bank of a river. Fishing hats with ventilated mesh backs allow airflow on muggy mornings while adjustable snapbacks provide a personalized fit. Hats with popular fishing brand logo patches make them cool enough to wear on casual days when you’re not on the water. Men's fishing clothing also includes short-sleeved t-shirts made in lightweight cotton-poly blends that won’t weigh you down whether you’re on the lake, at the ballgame, or relaxing around the house. No matter what pieces you need, choose rugged men's fishing clothing from top brands Over Under, Gator Waders, Banded, and Drake Waterfowl. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you wear to go fishing?

Start with a base layer t-shirt in moisture-wicking, breathable materials that keep you dry and comfortable. Then add a middle layer long-sleeve shirt designed for fishing that offers UV protection and ventilation when fishing. In cold weather, top it off with a fishing jacket. On your bottom, skip the jeans, sweats, or khakis and pick fishing pants made for the occasion. Nylon fishing pants or shorts are the optimal choice as they are practically waterproof and quick drying. Choose footwear that’s applicable to the location and weather, from sandals to rubber boots.  Additional fishing clothing includes waders for hanging out in waist-deep water for hours, a fishing vest with plenty of pockets for essentials, and hats, gloves, and sunglasses for sun protection during long days on the water.  

What do you wear to go fishing in hot weather?

Though it may feel counterintuitive to wear, a long-sleeve fishing shirt is specially designed to keep you cool on hot days while protecting your skin from the sun and pests. Many long-sleeve fishing shirts are made in wicking material with built-in UV protection. Choose open-toe, non-slip sandals for your feet. And add sunglasses and a fishing hat for extra coverage from the sun.

What is the best type of shirt for fishing?

The best type of fishing shirt is a polyester performance shirt with UV protection. Unlike cotton, which traps moisture, polyester wicks it away from the skin to keep you dry, comfortable, and cool, even in hot weather. 

Why do fishermen wear hoodies?

A good fishing hoodie with UV protection is an excellent way for fishermen to stay safe from the sun’s rays without applying sunscreen. But a breathable, lightweight fishing hoodie can also provide just enough warmth on a cool morning.  

Why do fishing shirts have thumb holes?

Though thumb holes are sometimes seen as fashionable, they serve more of a function when it comes to long-sleeve fishing shirts. Thumb holes keep the sleeves in place to keep your skin covered when casting, driving the boat, or baiting a hook. And you’ll appreciate the thumb holes when putting on a jacket or pullover. 

What is the best color to wear when fishing?

You want to blend in with the fishing environment, so stick with drab colors that match your surroundings. Muted hues of gray, green, brown, or blue are solid bets. While there’s no need for camouflage, avoid bright or flashy clothing when fishing.