The most important piece of hunting gear on any expedition is a firearm. Whether you’re after turkey, snow goose, duck, or other waterfowl, the right shotgun can make a difference in your success. A hunting shotgun must be reliable and provide accuracy when you take a shot at a plump snow goose or a prize Tom turkey—but it must also be comfortable enough to carry and wield. Some of the best duck hunting shotguns are manufactured by Browning, Beretta, and Winchester; many are designed with special features that improve your experience, including heavy composite stocks, recoil mitigation pads, precise fiber-optic sights, balance for a smooth swing, and rubber overmolding for a firm grip in all weather conditions. And most hunting shotguns come in camouflage colors and patterns that keep you hidden from sharp-eye turkey, distrusting duck, and suspicious snow goose so you can get off the best shot without a glance. Find the turkey or duck hunting shotgun you need for an enjoyable experience with firearm options from top brands.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best duck hunting shotgun?

Shotguns from top brands Browning, Beretta, and Winchester are reliable, accurate, and durable enough to rank as some of the best for duck and goose hunting. Every shotgun is different, so choose the model that’s the easiest for you to handle and feels comfortable when you hold it. Even the best rated duck and goose hunting shotgun will be a bust if it doesn't feel right in your hands. 

What is the best turkey shotgun?

Several manufacturers, including Browning and Winchester, have a good track record for offering some of the best turkey shotguns on the market. The Browning Cynergy is a top turkey shotgun, designed with a low profile for better alignment when aiming, an ultra-rugged composite stock, and an inflex pad that absorbs recoil. 

Best all-round shotgun for turkey and waterfowl?

12- and 20-gauge shotguns are great for waterfowl and turkey hunting, but the advantage goes to the 12-gauge as the best overall option if you plan to hunt both. Not only does it offer better patterns for waterfowl, but it also allows heavier pellets for turkeys. 

20 gauge shotgun vs 12 for waterfowl?

20- and 12-gauge are the most common gun sizes, and both can be used for waterfowl. But 12-gauge shotguns can hold more pellets than smaller-diameter 20-gauges, and therefore have larger shot patterns. This large pattern spread gives a 12-gauge shotgun the edge over the 20-gauge for hunting waterfowl. 

26 vs 28 shotgun barrel for waterfowl?

A 26-inch shotgun barrel is the ideal length for hunting ducks and waterfowl from a blind up to 40 yards; a 28-inch is preferable when you need a longer shot past 40 yards for ducks and geese at a distance.