Shotgun Cases

Your firearm is the most important component of your hunting gear, and the shotgun case you choose to keep it in is the key to keeping it safe and secure. Gun cases for shotguns made in rugged, weather-resistant materials will keep your hunting gear protected, trip after trip. Many cases for shotguns come with extra features that make life easier, including full-length zippers, soft inner linings, extra storage pockets for ammunition and accessories, flotation foam, adjustable shoulder straps, comfort carry handles, and reinforced tips to prevent tears. A soft shotgun case is easy to transport when you’re out in the field, but you'll need a hard case for air travel or long-term storage. And camouflage cases for shotguns won't blow your cover when hunting sharp-eyed turkeys and waterfowl. No matter what style shotgun case you pick, be sure it checks all of the boxes when it comes to protection, security, comfort, and quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I look for in a shotgun case?

Look for protection, such as padding on the inside that absorbs shock and keeps the shotgun securely in place without jostling around when you’re on the move. A shotgun case also needs to be weather-resistant and durable enough on the outside to handle everything you put it through, whether it's running through the woods or wading in the water. An adjustable, padded strap keeps you comfortable when you’re on the move. And if you plan to fly, go with a lockable, hard-shell model.

How big of a shotgun case do I need?

Choose a case that measures at least two to four inches longer than your shotgun to ensure that everything fits perfectly, especially if you tote along hunting accessories.