Duck Boat Gear

Hunting ducks from a boat can be an exciting way to track waterfowl as long as you have the proper supplies and accessories. The best piece of duck boat gear is a blind that conceals you and your hunting group so you can watch or track birds without being seen. Boat blinds are typically made in one-way see-through mesh with spring-loaded legs and aluminum frames for easy setup and breakdown. A boat blind kit is a duck hunting boat accessory made of natural fibers that look like swamp grasses designed to camouflage the sides and top of the blind. Retriever poles let you set out, arrange, or collect hunting duck decoys while push poles, paddles, and similar gear lets you direct your duck hunting boat to follow waterfowl as it moves through the swamp or bayou. Enjoy hunting ducks on a waterway from a boat loaded up with essential gear and supplies.