You can’t shoot game without ammunition. The best shot delivers superior patterning and knockdown power for a successful day in the field or on the water. Duck, turkey, goose, and waterfowl shot come in sizes that are appropriate for your hunting needs, whether it's a small teal at close range or a large Tom at 40 yards. Shells for 12-, 20-, 28-gauge, and 410 shotguns come packed with shot in a range of sizes and let you choose the best option for turkey, waterfowl, or any other quarry you’re after. Get the most out of your next hunting experience with the right ammunition for a productive day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What shot is best for duck hunting?

The best shot size for a duck depends on the bird's size and range, but 3 and 4 shot are ideal for small and large ducks up to 40 yards. 

Is 2 shot or 3 shot better for ducks?

Both 2 and 3 shots work well on large ducks, but of the two, a 3 shot is the best all-around duck pellet. If you plan on hunting both duck and goose, go with a versatile 2 shot. 

Is 4 or 6 shot better for turkey?

6 shot is the ideal choice for hunting turkey since it’s heavy enough to maintain velocity and direction. 

Can you use 2 shot for turkey?

A 2 shot can work for shooting turkeys at close range, but otherwise it's not appropriate. 2 shot is illegal in some states, so check with your state rules before using.